xiaovv 3MP Security Camera with Auto Tracking and Color Night Vision

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Infrared Night Vision Security Camera
  • Security camera outdoor supports 355° pan, 90° tilt. When an intruder enters the monitor, the alarm will be issued. Sound and light alarm at night.
  • Home security cameras with built-in microphone and speaker can establish a real time conversation between you and your visitors or kids. Be able to share your security camera up to 8 users to access.
  • PTZ waterproof cameras can withstand bad weather and have good outdoor working performance.
  • The xiaovv dome surveillance camera has built-in infrared light function, which can display ultra-clear images even in extremely dark environments.
  • IP65 waterproof
  • Remote monitoring
  • IR light
Accurate alarm message push, find abnormal conditions in time
  • Motion detective

    Detecting movement or image changes on the screen

  • Custom Settings

    You can freely setting alarm period, akarm area, or even the alarm sound

  • Al humanoid detection

    When the Al function is activated, the system will intelligently analyze the humanoid on the sscreen

  • Alarm push

    System will push the alarm message to you in time when the camera alert

3MP High Definition
This 3MP CCTV camera outdoor is with 2048*1536p high resolution providing almost 1.6 times of 1080p Full HD. It presents the real colors of objects and enables you to view super clear images with live video streaming. With the 6 infrared lights, you can capture every detail and enjoy a colored view (up to 30 meters) in the dark.
Human Detection & Instant Alarm
Fully improved HD picture ,99% of the real scene to can restored Precise digital focusing,Al cloud algorithm, noise reduction. The picture is delicately presented, greatly improves the clarity and visual experience.
Two-way Audio & Live Stream
This PTZ outdoor security camera has built-in microphone and speaker,you can not only hear the sound through the WiFi security camera, but also talk to your kids, delivery people, or strangers at your door.
IP65 Certified Weatherproof
The rugged housing and body make this Xiaovv IP camera waterproof. It works perfectly both inside and outside your house, in any harsh weather conditions.

Customer Reviews

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Satisfactory service attitude, I wouldn't install it, but they quickly helped.

Satisfied with the packaging and quality, nice shopping

I am very satisfied with the fast shipping speed and the product functions. I like it very much. It is a good shopping experience. Gave me a coupon, feel great! !

Very impressive camera for the price

Upon opening the box, set up was very straightforward and easy. Luckily, my wifi router had no problems with linking up. The picture quality is excellent, with both daylight and night vision; I have to admit I had fun scaring my husband a few times by testing out the speaker/talk feature, the light and the siren/alarm features.

Steve H
So good, I bought 10.

If you're going to have a Wi-Fi camera system, it's best to choose one brand so they all link up in the same app. This is a cost-effective way to get a set of good cameras and I can highly recommend them.

In the box you get the camera with slide-in mount, micro-USB cable and mains USB supply, plus fittings, warning labels and instructions. You just need install the xiaovv app, power up a camera and follow the simple instructions to pair it to your Wi-Fi.

Once paired you can power down and reposition the camera. It's got good reception and works as good if not better than my phone in receiving a signal (although video quality is a bit jerky with poor connectivity).

The app lets you rename cameras, move them around, set favourite positions (so at a touch of a button you can move the camera from one view to another), set areas to trigger motion alerts or alarms, turn the spotlight on and off, have two-way conversations, etc.

The devices take micro-SD memory cards and will continuously overwrite when they are full. They take 10s clips without cloud subscription, generally 5s before the trigger and 5s after, which is good enough for most people. Just as well, as the subscription gets costly the more cameras you add.

Image quality is really very good. Night vision is very clear and I suggest you try not using the spotlight function as it gives colour images but isn't as far reaching as the infra-red LEDs, and the switch-over causes a second of video to be washed out.

You can have four cameras of your choice showing at one time and set up lots of groups. You can change trigger areas, set schedules to set alerts to your phone, etc. Very impressive.

I have had a couple of instances where moths set of the alerts, but you can lower the sensitivity. You don't need all cameras to alert, they are set individually.

Overall a really competent camera. Had one issue with one of my 10 and had a replacement within days without having to return the failed one. Excellent customer service too!

Excellent CCTV camera

This camera is excellent! PTZ Control via the app isn't the smoothest but it works. Great picture and superb night vision (ensure its set to auto)