The Wireless Camera and Its Convenience

One of the biggest problems with deploying a video surveillance system is that they require cables -- lots of them. If you ever bothered to look closely around an actual security camera system in a supermarket, you might be able to spot a lot of cables sticking out. Or not many, if any, if the place in question opted to for using a system of modern wireless camera.

Wireless camera systems for surveillance purposes became very popular rather quickly in the past few years. The reason why? Because of their easy setup and installation along with some extra conveniences offered over the older selection of cameras. All you need is to connect your wireless IP security camera to a power supply and, then, the device to an active Internet connection. And that, depending on your specific model, might not even require you to use more than one single cable per camera.

The Issue with Wired Cameras and Cables

For traditional CCTV systems, several cables need to connect each camera at various places around your home or business to a central location. In a said central location, a device known as the DVR rests wherein the coaxial cable from the cameras ends up connected.

Not only that, but the DVR itself also connects via another cable to one or more monitor screen, which will display the footage the camera(s) capture. The more cameras make up your system, the bigger the number of cables that will end up running across the place. The management of which can become easily intimidating.

It can fast become a messy, ugly thing that makes the installation of ever more cameras difficult. Beyond that, it also most certainly can make repairs unmanageable should anything happen near one of these cables. Imagine having to figure out which one of the cables a rodent decided to chew out of a bundle of over several of them. Not a pretty situation to be in.

Enter The Wireless Camera

A wireless camera's most salient feature is that it is, well, wireless! Due to the wonders of device interconnectivity via a Wi-Fi internet connection, the camera needs not necessarily a cable connecting it.

That said, the wireless part refers to the fact that you can connect it to its hub through the internet rendering cables unnecessary.

Characteristics Of a Wireless Camera

A wireless security camera is easier to install than a wired model due to it requiring less cabling if connected over Wi-Fi. The only cable it would have stuck out of it it's the cable of its power adapter in case it's a non-battery model. The power adapter, of course, goes plugged into a power outlet located nearby the camera's location.

The wireless camera itself features an internal SD card in which it can locally store the video footage it captures. Unlike CCTV security systems, a wireless camera does not necessarily need to remain recording 24/7. However, you can set it up for that purpose as well.

Most wireless cameras can detect via motion sensors when something enters its field of vision. Thus, they can smartly start recording whenever that happens since it is then that one event is likely to occur. For the rest of the time, they remain on stand-by, saving both energy consumption and storage space.

Lastly, as mentioned previously, wireless cameras communicate via Wi-Fi with a hub device known as NVR.

The Network Video Recorder (NVR)

Like the CCTV systems of yore, the wireless camera also needs to connect to a hub device, this time one called NVR – Network Video Recorder.

However, if both the wireless cam

When to Choose a Wireless Camera?

 In which case, you could either choose to section your network or go for a CCTV system altogether.

If you are looking to deploy a security camera system for your home or small business, wireless cameras are a great option because:

  • Much less cabling required meaning easy, fast setup.
  • Remote monitoring option.
  • Selective times for recording saves both energy and storage space.

When it comes down to it, wireless cameras are a great option for those preferring fast deployment and convenient management options.


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I can attest to the fact that wired cameras of yesteryear are not only a pain to install but ugly too. 30 years ago that was my security system. Wires, cables, holes in walls and ceilings, outlets are only a few difficulties involved. But not any more. Today a screwdriver and 30 minutes and you are secured. Woo-hoo! Thank you for the excellent equipment and super innovations.

Watcher on the Wall

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