xiaovv Smart Camera

xiaovv Security Camera is a company specializing in the field of intelligent home security, established in 2018. The company was founded by a group of young technology professionals with the aim of providing users with intelligent and secure living experiences through artificial intelligence technology and high-quality hardware design.

At the beginning, xiaovv Security Camera mainly sold cloud-based intelligent monitoring cameras, and received good market feedback. However, the company found that most of the surveillance cameras on the market had some problems, such as unclear picture quality, high delay, and inconvenient installation. In order to solve these problems, the xiaovv Security Camera team spent a lot of time and energy on technical research and development, and constantly improved hardware design to meet user needs.

Wire-Free Security Cameras: With no wires and no cords, the 100% wire-free battery-powered security cameras offer flexible placement. It can be placed anywhere indoors or mounted outdoors. You can choose battery WiFi cameras or battery 4G cameras.

Indoor Smart Home Cameras: 355° pan & 105° tilt for every angle covered in your home - no blind spots for 24/7 surveillance. Featuring 4MP super HD, dual-band WiFi, 2-way audio, and more.

Security Camera Systems: WiFi or PoE surveillance video systems to offer 24/7 monitoring and non-stop recording. They even support recording and surveillance all day and night without accessing your router network.

And we offer accessories for these cameras to well fit in your installation and environment.