Using A Smart Camera as A Baby Monitor

A baby monitor is a very convenient device that allows parents of a newborn to, well, monitor their baby from afar. A baby monitor enables you to hear and, if need be given the model actually allows this, talk to the baby through a built-in speaker.

A baby monitor is often an ideal solution for concerned parents to keep tabs on a baby when they physically cannot be beside them.

Types of Baby Monitors

There are a vast number of different models available in the market. Roughly, we can categorize them in:

  • Audio-only: Meant to listen to the audio on the monitor’s end through the built-in microphone. The monitor lays in the room with the baby, while the parent can carrie a connected walkie talkie like device. The later alerts whenever the former detects a sound and plays it.
  • Two-way audio-only: Think of it as a walkie-talkie on which the baby’s end is always on during operation. It enables you as apparent to speak to the baby. Communicating this way its can promote bonding and reassurance between you even at a distance.
  • Video-enabled: It’s a camera enabled with both audio and video that will transmit both of these streams to your end. Depending on the model, it would also have an option to toggle between one-way to two-way audio, enabling you to speak to the baby.

The more functions it features, the pricier the monitor itself can get. There is a slew of companies dedicated to manufacturing and marketing baby monitors. Yet, did you know that companies that manufacture and market smart cameras are basically selling the same product?

Not only that but, a smart camera can be more versatile, easy to install, and convenient than a baby monitor today if you need it to. How? Let’s learn first what a smart camera is.

The Smart Camera

A smart camera is a video surveillance device meant for monitoring. As the name implies, you would install a smart camera in a room or location in which you want to know exactly what goes on when you are not there.

But wait a minute, are these not the kind of cameras that require a lot of cables connected to DVR? So, would you need to drill holes, pick up cable ties, hooks and loops into the wall?

What a hassle! Better to get a walkie-talkie-like baby monitor. Right? Not exactly.

See, DVR-connected CCTV monitoring systems would require exactly what we’ve just described. But this is not that kind of setup at all. Smart cameras are internet communication-capable devices just like your trusty smartphone.

Rather than requiring lengths of cable, it only needs the internet. So, if your household already has a wireless internet connection through an internet service provider, you are almost all set. You only need to plug in the camera to start using it as a baby monitor.

Features Of a Smart Camera

Now, the camera itself is ‘smart’ for quite a number of reasons which  also make them an upgrade from your standard walkie-talkie baby monitor. Which of these features your smart camera has depends on which model you purchased.

Motion Sensing

The integration of the motion sensor allows the camera to be alert whenever something moves in its field of vision. For the camera, movement means action, and action is worth recording. By default, cameras of this type will only start recording once the sensor picks up movement.

Otherwise, it will remain on standby. Thus, saving both energy and storage space by cutting down recording time to, hopefully, only interesting events. Alternatively, if you would prefer the camera to record 24/7 or the whole night while your baby sleeps, there is a setting for that.


Aside from picking up on movement, some models keep an ear out for sound, so to speak. Smart cameras for baby monitor purposes allow for setting them up to start recording once it picks up sound.

Built-in Speaker

Best models allow for two-way audio with a high-quality output through a built-in speaker. You need only to access to the video stream through an app on your synced device and speak to its microphone. The sound of your voice will come out through the camera’s built-in speaker.

Quite a few of these features put together make for what is arguably the best all-in-one baby monitor device in the market. So, consider shopping out for the one model that packs all of these together.

Why Use a Smart Camera as A Baby Monitor?

In short, the reasons why it’s better to use a smart camera as a baby monitor are:

Easy Setup

As far as the camera goes, you only need to set it up overlooking the baby’s room and plug its power cable in. It just need to have a solid wireless signal. After connecting it to the network, you’d just need to sync it and the mobile devices of your choosing by following the user manual’s instructions. No messy cables, no drilling holes.

Video Surveillance

If hearing your baby is not enough to reassure you they are alright, then how about visual reassurance. You can access the video stream from your synced device from anywhere in the house. No need to get out of bed to check on them. Just tap the app on your phone.

Selective Recoding and Notifications

Motion-sensing cameras would usually only start recording when they pick up movement. Some baby monitor smart cameras, however, are able to do this when they pick up sound. Sound such as a baby’s cries. They are also able to send push notifications to the synced mobile device whenever they start recording. Thus, they can always alert you at the moment you would need to check on the baby.

Two-way Audio for Parent-Baby Communication

Fancy singing a lullaby to your child without moving from when you are? Now you can. If the camera ever caught one moment when you think the baby could use some verbal comforting, you can just give them that by tapping a button. Sing away.

Using A Smart Camera as A Baby Monitor

Smart cameras are an impressive upgrade on regular baby monitors. All due to the incredible number of extra functions it affords to us, along with the amazing convenience of connectivity.

Now you can know the second your baby cries, visually check up on them, and even verbally comfort them through the sound of your voice. Not to mention reviewing the captured footage to see if anything around them bothered them at the moment they cried.

It is not an exaggeration to say that, compared with legacy options, smart cameras allow you to feel closer to your baby even when you are afar.

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No se configurar la deteccion del llanto ni las alertas instantaneas. Alguien puede ayudarme. Soy de españa


No se configurar la deteccion del llanto ni las alertas instantaneas. Alguien puede ayudarme. Soy de españa


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