Using A Smart Camera as A Safe Monitor

If you happen to have very valuable things you would rather no one else get their hands on, you would get a safe box. But is that enough? Clearly, you can put it somewhere no one would normally stumble upon it. But if and only if that were to happen, wouldn't you rather have a way to know who and when? Enter the safe monitor.

A safe monitor it's a monitoring device that will keep a metaphorical synthetic eye on your safe for you. There are a variety of different models around each with their different features depending on the model.

What they all have in common is that thanks to internet connectivity, they will alert you whenever someone is near your safe. If you are looking to add an extra layer of safety measures, keep reading to learn a bit more about the safe monitor device.

The Different Kind of Safe Monitor Device

Straight off the bat, safe monitors are some of the most varied monitor devices around. The biggest thing they have in common it's the fact that they are internet-enabled.

Thus, as long as they remain connected and synced with one of your mobile devices, they will send notifications whenever something is amiss. But there is where the similarities end because there are very different models out there; let's see some of them:

Conditions Tracker Safe Monitor

Made specifically to track the state of documents or environmentally-sensitive materials one wants to store. This kind of safe monitor does a particularly thorough job at keeping tabs on the inside conditions of the safe it sits on.

For example, it will monitor the approximate temperature inside the safe box if you so set it to it. Within its settings, you can set up a threshold temperature. Whenever it approaches or exceeds that temperature, the safe monitor will send a push notification to your sync device.

The same things happen with the humidity levels inside the safe. The safe monitor can as well keep track of it, and you can set a threshold value for it to notify whenever it approaches or exceeds it.

Motion Sensing Safe Monitor

This particular safe monitor will notify you whenever it senses vibration, meaning movement in the safe. As if someone other than you was manipulating it. On top of that, it can also tell whenever you left the safe door open on accident and, likewise, send a notification on it. Most conditions tracker safe monitors incorporate these features.

Video Camera Safe Monitor

For those that want to know exactly what is going on in their safe's hide spot, how about allowing you to check in in real-time? A video-enabled camera safe monitor connects to the internet, and it's able to sync with your device.

Through a proprietary app you can download on your phone; you will be able to access the video stream of the camera live. Some video-enabled safe monitor incorporates motion sensing, which will trigger the recording after it picks up movement. Additionally, it sends notifications when it happens.

Choosing A Safe Monitor

If you are feeling that there's a lot to consider when it comes to choosing a safe monitor device out there, rest easy. There are already several major manufacturers that put out models which have all the aforementioned features. Though, they can be a bit pricy. However, using a smart camera as a safe monitor can provide you with almost as much peace of mind.

Why Use a Smart Camera as A Safe Monitor?

The smart camera it's a network-enabled video surveillance device whose easy setup and network feature allow you to quickly check on anything the camera is recording from anywhere in the world. So, the smart camera can keep your eyes on your safe with just a few taps on the screen.

But why should you choose it over the safe monitor? Well, here are a couple of reasons:

Smart Cameras Have an Easy Setup

Both smart cameras and video camera-enabled safe monitors only need plugging into an outlet and connecting to the network. That's it, ready to go. Almost, at least. The smart camera also needs to connect over the internet to an NVR device which will keep all the recorded footage stored. But this extra device provides further advantages in the long run because…

Smart Cameras Allow for Smoother Real-Time Playback

So, the NVR device, the smart camera connects to both stores the recorded footage and keeps it accessible online for authorized devices. You need only to sync your mobile device to your NVR through an app for it to access it from anywhere in the world.

The smart camera, however, handles video compression inside itself rather than letting the NVR do so. What that means is that the NVR has a lot of processing power free to handle other tasks like playback optimization.

Overall, the playback viewing of the recorded footage through a mobile device will be rather smooth, even for the most recent footage. You only need a strong internet connection on your end, and you can play it back and forth from your device with little issue. Also, your NVR can support large storage space for the recorded footage, which you could use for because…

Smart Cameras Have Better Video Resolution

Most smart cameras in the market are able to support recording in 4K resolution, something a safe monitor device usually does not. The devices also feature night vision in the likely case you placed your safe under the camouflage of the dark. This combination means that it will record in the dark, and it will record in detail what is going on around your safe.

Motion Sensing Recording

Just like video-enabled safe monitor devices, smart cameras do feature motion sensing as well. As something enters its field of vision, it will both start recording and notify your mobile device. The camera's recording remains on standby until then. Alternatively, you can also set it up to record 24/7.

How About Condition Tracking?

Unfortunately, the smart camera does not have the condition tracking capability of some safe monitor devices. Since the device or part of it needs to be inside the safe for monitoring, it would defeat the purpose of a camera that needs placing outside.

However, it's possible for people interested in incorporating condition tracking when using a smart camera to do so. They need only to purchase one safe monitor that exclusively works as a condition tracker, connect it to the network, and place it inside the safe.

All while the smart camera continues to handle the motion monitoring and recording. Win-win scenario. Condition tracking-exclusive safe monitor devices are rather affordable, especially compared with what likely lies in store inside the safe.

Using A Smart Camera as A Safe Monitor – The Takeaway

A safe monitor provides that extra layer of safety a security-conscious person surely could use. Yet, the easy setup, high resolution, and smooth playback of the smart camera do pose a convenient alternative that can keep you just as safe. Overall, if you want to find out fast who's been snooping around, you can't do better than having a smart camera as a safe monitor.

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