xiaovv 1080P Security Camera with Auto Tracking and Color Night Vision,Truly Wire-Free, Battery or Solar Powered IP Camera

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Easy to use, Protect family
  • 2MP High Resolution & Color Night Vision:Provides color night vision, 4 white lights and 5 infrared lights for clear night vision up to 20 meters.
  • Intelligent Pan 355°/ Tilt 90°:Provide a wider viewing angle, covering more areas, no blind spots.
  • Human Detection and Auto Tracking:Detects only humans, reducing false alarms caused by rain, leaves, animals, and insects by 95%.
  • Two-Way Audio and IP66 Waterproof:Built-in microphone and speaker, watch live
  • IP65 waterproof
  • Remote monitoring
  • Dual light
Anywhere, with Intelligence & Convenience
  • PIR humanoid induction

    AI calculation senses the movement of human figures, reducing false alarms of subtle object movements

  • Solar Endurance

    Uninterrupted charging, keep your home safe at all times

  • A variety of network options


  • Mobile OS

    Support IOS and Android

Solar Powered & Wire-Free
The solar panel will charge security camera with direct sunlight. No circuit wiring hassles, you can place it anywhere. The solar security camera is also equipped with battery inside, which provide extra 4-6 months backup battery life. 365 days Non-stop power to keep an eye on what matters. Keeping 2.4GHz WiFi on, you will never miss a thing under the 360° Field of View of the camera.
Maximum battery life
5W power, up to 60 days of battery life
PIR sensor
Sensing movement by detecting the heat generated by the body during movement
Multi-function stand
Multifunctional bracket design, easy to handle separately or assembled
  • Micro SD card

  • Cloud storage

  • Audio & video

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Beatrice Haywood
Very satisfied~~~

The logistics is fast, the packaging is very good, tested before installation, and the effect is good.

Nydia Nicholas
Fast shipping

The packaging is in good condition, the workmanship is fine, and the clarity is very good after a close-up test. It is ready to be installed on the balcony to see the front door. The delivery speed is very fast. The packaging is perfect. I installed it immediately after I got home, the image is very clear, I am very satisfied! ~

Cecilia Eliot
Fantastic !

The monitoring picture is clear, and it can also be dynamically captured with the movement of the object, so that you will not miss any bells and whistles in the monitoring area~ The shouting function is also clear and loud!

samuel Han
90% satisfied 10% dissatisfied

It's Really good product, but!!!!
Does not support NAS connection, Surveillance Station.

Wayne Joel
Perfect shopping experience!

very good! Perfect shopping experience! Delivery shipping is fast! Thumbs up! This camera is well designed! The installation is also very convenient, suitable for various occasions, the one-time installation is successful, and the clarity is also very good! Powerful! A very good shopping experience!!!